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Blink 182 "First Date"

“First Date”: is the second single released from the album, Take Off your Pants and Jacket. This live, exclusive concert for MTV U.K. was held at VPS Studios in Hollywood, California to support the U.K. release of the song. It was written by Tom DeLonge (guitar and vocals) on the same night that Mark Hoppus (bass and vocals) wrote “The Rock Show” in response to producers concerns that the album lacked catchy singles.


The album debuted at #1, selling more than 350,00 copies in its first week on the Billboard 200, the bands only album to do so.  Peaking at #6 on the Modern Rock Tracks (Alternative Singles), #106 on the Billboard Hot 100 (Singles), and #31 on the U.K. Singles Chart.  Featured on the video game Guitar Hero: Van Halen.

In promotion of the album, here Blink-182 performs live for MTV.

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