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White Flowers

The Paley Honors Awards

The Paley Honors Awards: is a gala at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel also honored television work of music icons Sir Ringo Starr and Michael Jackson. Both Sheila E. and Motown’s founder, Berry Gordy, were on hand to pay tribute. “Michael Jackson reigns as the undisputed King of Pop not just because of his exceptional talent, but because he was able to package that talent in a whole new way,” Gordy spoke on his legacy. “In both form and content, Jackson simply did what no one had done before – pure magic mixed with unforgettable, transcendent performances.”


Gene Simmons, Sheila E., Joe Walsh, Adam Lambert, Berry Gordy, Norm Lear, Nigel Lythgoe, Destiny’s Child’s Michelle Williams, Billy Porter & Derek Hough.


Executive Producer:  Rene Reyes

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